Job Readiness Initiatives

Job readiness is training for those seeking employment who want to get and keep a job, and keep a job.

From preparing a resume a cover letter, to what to wear, and how to conduct yourself during an interview, it supports individuals in their search for work.

These trainings help people who want to work to get “job ready” and prepare for being hired and remaining employed. Many people want to work but for a variety of reasons haven’t been in the workforce for a period of time. 


We offer workshops on a variety of topics related to job searching and professional development including interview skills, basic digital skills, and networking. The workshops are free and available upon request.

Job Coaching Initiatives

We help with all the job readiness tasks including helping a person get the right clothes and transportation to the interview. If needed, go on the interview with a client.

We stay in regular contact and provide support for a person during their first few years on the job as life stresses can impede a person’s motivation and ability to continue working.  To summarize, we help people get ready for a job, get the job and then keep the job. We are the long term partner that wants to help our client’s succeed.

One On One Assistance

• Resume building
• Resume reviews
• Interview skills
• Job searching
• Computer typing skills
• Microsoft Office Certifications
• Second language
• GED preparation 

Let’s Connect

Michael Uchalid, Employment Trainer/Advocate

Direct: 860-940-7001 muchalid@hirediversityct.org

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